I absolutley hate Buzznet now - navigation is terrible - search engine is poor - finding stuff even on your own page is ridiculously complicated…
sweet6616 Mar 28, 2011

Visual Kei - a corrupt industry?

I was linked to this 'interview' on another site and thought I'd share - it's interesting reading for sure - but I'd advise everyone to…
sweet6616 Mar 04, 2010

Bob Bryar leaves My Chemical Romance

I was so shocked to read this news this morning - really, very shocked and surprised. I wish him well for the future and we'll miss…
sweet6616 Mar 04, 2010

New Gazette Group

Because the old one seems to have disappeared (I think Inachan set it up and she has also disappeared) I thought I'd make a new…
sweet6616 Feb 23, 2010
sweet6616 Feb 23, 2010
ScReW - Death's Doorvid

ScReW - Death's Door

their first PV
sweet6616 Nov 17, 2009
The Gazette - Before I Decayvid

The Gazette - Before I Decay

full PV with subtitles
sweet6616 Oct 10, 2009

Yuuto leaving SCREW

It was announced on 29th Sept. that Yuuto would be leaving SCREW as of 31st Dec. really sad about this *sigh* Here are the members comments on…
sweet6616 Oct 03, 2009
SCREW - Genei no Kusarivid

SCREW - Genei no Kusari

new PV - and it's awesome!
sweet6616 Sep 19, 2009

Sendai Kamotsu

Despite the release of a new album and dvd Naitomea have announced that they are taking a break from Sendai Kamotsu after their Budokan live…
sweet6616 Sep 06, 2009

ViViD Colors

ViViD released their new look yesterday - and it's awesome!   omg Reno thighs!   The album "The Vivid Color" is released on 21st October - really looking forward…
sweet6616 Sep 04, 2009
Byou xrayspic
sweet6616 Aug 28, 2009
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About Me:

Er, I'm 16 and I live in Cambridge which is pretty boring. Though there are quite a few goth/emo guys around so that's nice! :-)
I'm a goth with red hair... do you know how dificult it is to stay pale and interesting when you've got permanent freckles... including ones where the sun has never shone!!?!


Music, film, art, books, vampires.....

Favorite Music:

HIM, My Chemical Romance, and lots more...

Favorite Movies:

Lost Boys, Blade, old Hammer Horror Dracula films (Dracula Ad1972 is hilarious)

Favorite TV Shows:

Red Dwarf, Lost, Big Brother (I know, sad!)

Favorite Books:

Anything by David Eddings, Anne Rice, any Arthur legends, Harry Potters